We create a dynamic program that will drive qualified sourced and pre-screened candidates into your hiring process. Using our proprietary method, our team will allow you to uncover premium talent at a fraction of the cost of contingency and executive search firms, guaranteed.

With each open position we are able to deploy a team of experts who specialize in specific areas of the recruiting process. This allows our clients to quickly have access to a variety of On-Demand services; eliminating ramp up time, and streamlining your operations.

Our team of specialized experts act as an extension of your HR department, dramatically increasing your capacity and capabilities. With our team On-Demand, you can scale up or down at any time, reducing your overall cost to hire and increasing your overall effectiveness as an organization.


The Creative HR Difference

Creative HR Solutions

Marketing Specialist
Creates collateral material and content; including, job posts, effective branding, email campaigns, and networking emails.

Internet Sourcing Specialist
Generates passive and active candidates through social media, web 3.0, database mining, key word searches, spidering, and viral marketing.

Senior Recruiter
Manages pre-screening and formal submission of candidates. Verifies references, obtains salary requirements, etc.

Project Manager
Responsible for overall client management, quality control, and communication; including, conference calls, emails, and reporting.


Not attracting the right quality or quantity of candidates?

Creative HR Solutions offers a powerful toolbox of recruiting processes, specialized knowledge, and a wealth of cutting-edge technology to find not just more candidates, but better candidates. We bring an entire network of people and resources working together to find the best match for each position, in a timely manner, and at a significant savings for you.

Need to free internal resources to focus on core competencies or lack internal HR resources?

Most HR departments struggle to meet the increasing demands of today’s human resources management needs, not to mention the daily work of hiring, talent development, performance assessments, and succession planning. We can serve as a highly specialized support network to share the load.

Would you like a significant reduction in recruitment costs?

Outsourcing your recruiting uncovers any hidden costs, and then offsets those costs through economies of scale. Regardless of how much money this saves the company, the process itself gives the business a much clearer understanding of the true cost of recruiting, That transparency is especially valuable in a tight economy when every department’s budget is scrutinized more closely.