Depending upon your business goals, your may select to outsource recruitment partially or completely. Reasons for this may include driving down costs, improving time-to-hire, or gaining flexibility in staffing needs. We provide scalable services in line with hiring demand without the creation of a fixed overhead internal function or utilizing expensive agencies.

Human Resources

Few challenges affect businesses as significantly today as employee related issues. Many companies delegate HR issues to operations executives or other employees who may not have the specialized training necessary to navigate these operational areas correctly and in compliance with state and federal regulations. Or there may not be sufficient in-house resources to support crucial business needs.


Targeted training for your specific industry and business gives you a competitive advantage and allows you to maximize the potential of your employees. We believe that if your grow your people, you will grow your business.

Ask yourself……

Do you have a person whose primary responsibility is to pay attention to employment and labor law practices?

Do you have the time to search for the best, most qualified candidate in every instance?

Do you have all company policies documented in an employee manual/handbook that has been signed and acknowledged by each employee?

Can you dramatically improve your cost-per-hire with your existing programs?

Do you conduct an annual HR Audit to review company policies and procedures, identify areas of risk and take appropriate action to correct any problem areas?