Introductory Offer

We know choosing any vendor can be a difficult decision. There are many factors to consider and often times it’s easier to just stick with what you have whether it’s working or not.

Creative HR Solutions understands this dynamic and therefore would like to make a special introductory offer to help ease this decision making process.

50% Off

We believe in earning the right to be your partner. All we ask is for a chance to prove to you the value and level of service we can provide. On your first position with Creative HR Solutions we will reduce our normal per hour fees by 50%.

We will fill your position for 5% of the candidate’s first year’s salary!

(Our clients typically pay 10% or less of the candidate’s first year’s salary. Our fees are also capped at 15% so you will never pay more).

Give us a try, we guarantee our work and your satisfaction.

Click here to contact us for additional details.

……..Still not convinced? Check out two of our Case Studies that illustrate how we saved two separate clients around $100,000 each!