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    Social Networking Simplified

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock that last few years; chances are you’ve heard about the importance of social media marketing and building a presence for your brand online. Maybe you have started but your efforts have stalled, or you want to get started but are unsure where to begin. ...Read More

    Effective Mentoring Relationships

    We all know the saying, "You are only as good as your weakest link," or "People are a company's most valuable resource." When highly successful companies are evaluated, they typically have a few things in common; a relatively low turnover when compared to their industry peers, highly engaged empl...Read More

    Tough Choices When It Comes To Recruiting

    Maybe you are one of those companies that have your own internal corporate recruiters. I like to call this model “fixed cost, variable quality”. In a perfect world jobs come open on a regular basis, applicant flow from active and passive channels are smooth, and the entire process flows like clo...Read More

    Post and Pray Recruiting

    C’mon. You know you’ve done this. You have an open position, probably a difficult position with exacting criteria and maybe even a challenging hiring manager. You’ve taken the time to craft a persuasive and enticing job description. And then you Post and Pray. ...Read More