Fee Structure

Creative HR Solutions offers a fully customizable and scalable solution for your business, from small start ups to large corporations. We work with you to ensure your needs are met on time and on budget.

Our business model is based on meaningful partnerships and lasting relationships.  Our success as a company illustrates our ability to add value to your organization while generating a tangible return on your investment.


  • Unlike traditional agencies, we charge an hourly fee. We have proven results demonstrating the cost effectiveness of our business model is far below those of traditional agencies. We also cap our fees ensuring we do not “run up the cost”.
  • If you have on-going needs, consider a monthly retainer where you receive a set amount of hours per month at a reduced rate.

Human Resources

  • Again we charge an hourly fee. In many cases these services involve project work. In those cases we will give you an up-front estimate of time and cost. We believe in “no surprises”.
  • Some of our clients have on-going needs. Here again a monthly retainer provides a defined amount of hours per month. Any additional hours are billed at the reduced rate.


  • Most training services are project oriented. Here we charge an hourly rate, though depending on the type of training it may be more cost effective to consider a per attendee fee.
  • There may be some situations, such as Compliance Training, which may occur on a more frequent or scheduled basis. If this is the right solution for you, it will be at a reduced hourly fee.