Post and Pray Recruiting

C’mon. You know you’ve done this.

You have an open position, probably a difficult position with exacting criteria and maybe even a challenging hiring manager. You’ve taken the time to craft a persuasive and enticing job description. And then you Post and Pray.

Yes, you’ve taken that difficult and challenging position and posted it to the job board flavor of your choice and with the hope that the ideal person will magically apply. Post and Pray.

One of two things usually happens. No one applies. Or worse, 756 people apply and you are faced with the daunting task of wading through resumes of which 95% of the people who applied are not remotely qualified (my favorite was a Hawaiian fire dancer who applied for a Demand Analyst position). Then what? The long walk down the hall to tell the hiring manager you have nothing or would they consider a Hawaiian Fire Dancer.

Post and Pray is one recruiting approach. You can wait for the ideal candidate to appear, that they will love your company, idolize your hiring manager and then hire them on the spot.

The other idea is to seek them out, make them appear.

The first method is the status quo. You do an OK job, you play by the rules. If that great candidate doesn’t show up, hey it’s not my fault. I posted the position.

The second challenges the status quo. You play by other rules. You go out there and seek out the candidate, network, tell friends and family, scour LinkedIn, and engage your social networks. You make that candidate appear, tell them you have a great and perfect position for them, and why they cannot miss this opportunity. You engage the hiring manager and inform them of the specifics on why this person is the right person for the position. And you close the deal by doing the right thing for your company and for the candidate.

So next time, start with a post. But play by the other rules.

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